WorldBuilder Online

WorldBuilder Online is a tool that truly gives you the power to build worlds.

Instead of dumping long paragraphs into big text boxes, you build up the world piece by piece.

Whether your worlds are simple, complex, or somewhere in between - WorldBuilder Online lets you define the structure and hierarchy for all of your creations.

Every world is different

We understand that no two worlds are the same, so rather than give you preset templates and expect you to shoehorn your world into our structure, we give you the tools build your own.

WorldBuilder Online templates are referred to as Blueprints, and are completely customisable, down to the types of fields, the order, even formatting and validation rules.

How does it work?

Each World is made up of Elements and Blueprints.

An element is a part, piece, item, object, concept or anything that makes up a part of your world, and a Blueprint defines the structure of a worlds elements, consisting of a series of fields used for both creating, and displaying an element.

Using WorldBuilder Online you can build the hierarchy of your entire world, by controlling the relationships between your elements.

Want to know more?

We are still in the progress of building WorldBuilder Online, but with every day we're getting closer and closer to launch.

Community input is important to us, so we want you, the users, to help us shape this app to be what you need it to be. Prior to launch we will be having a closed alpha, followed by a closed beta, before a public beta launch.

If you'd like to know more about WorldBuilder Online, keep up to date with the progress, and possibly take part in the closed alpha and beta launches, you can do so through one of the below methods.

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